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GemePrice4.0™ is an online wholesale pricing system allocating prices to diamonds, fancy colored diamonds, gemstones and jewelry according to the Color Codes generated by Gemewizard®. GemePrice4.0™ enables a user to find the price of a specific gem either by defining the gem's specifications or by browsing through the pricelist's various grades and sizes.

The most comprehensive pricing system for Diamonds, Fancy Colored Diamonds and Gemstones in the industry

Three pricing modes: Price Search, Price List & Price Calculator

Hundreds of color grade rulers based on Gemewizard® color system, including colored diamond's 1st and 2nd moderators.

New! attractive interface suitable for touch screens, tablets and smartphones.

Check how each gem attribute affects its price

Use single, double or your own markup to display prices

New! rulers for transparency, clarity and cut grades, visually depicting the various options of each parameter to ease the selection

New! Color convertor and archive features

FOR JEWELERS & RETAILERS - Pricing Station feature for obtaining the current cost prices of multiple gems and metal comprising a jewelry item

Integrated with Quantum Leap PAS appraiser software

Multi-lingual and multi-currency interface



Main Functions / Key Features


The database contains grades, qualities, commercial names and prices of colorless diamonds, more than 100 color rulers of fancy colored diamonds and over 60 types of the most traded gemstones, each with a visual display of up to 15 shapes and/or cutting styles.

Dynamic Gem Attribute Influence on Price

Users can easily find a gem's price using an intuitive interface, by setting any or all gems' parameters: gem type, shape, particular color, color grade, clarity grade, cut grades, fluorescence and treatments. Visual guide rulers were added for transparency, clarity and cut grades, visually depicting the various options provided by each parameter.
Due to the dynamic nature of the system, users are able to discover the affect each gem property has on the gems' prices, when it is changed exclusively or in conjunction with other parameters defined. .

Three Pricing Modes

Each gem module has 3 available pricing modes, which include Price Search, Price List and Price Calculator.
The Price Search mode enables the user to search for the price of a gem by entering its parameters. This mode is designed to be suitable for touch screens, tablets and smartphones.
The Price List mode displays the prices in a dynamic table format.
The Price Calculator mode enables the user to find out the price of a specific gem with an exact list of known parameters (e.g. when a gemological certificate is present).

Pricing Station for Jewelers and Retailers

The Pricing Station mode is targeted for jewelers and retailers. This all-in-one feature enables users to obtain the prices of a multi-component item, such as a parcel or a piece of jewelry.
Jewelers and retailers, for example, can calculate the individual current cost prices of each component comprising a jewelry item — the main gem, each of the additional gems used in the jewelry, the metal type, etc. — and get an idea of the total component cost of the jewelry item.
While this is not an appraisal of the price of the piece of jewelry, it provides the jeweler or retailer with guiding information regarding the jewel selling price.

Gemewizard® Color System

GemePrice4.0™ is fully integrated with GemeSquare™, Gemewizard®'s world-renowned digital color communication system. Comprehensive digital Color Master sets for fancy colored diamonds and gemstones are built into the software, enabling the users, what otherwise would be impossible for a member of the trade to obtain, to use the Color Master sets as handy working tools.
The color rulers of fancy colored diamonds were expanded to include second color modifiers (e.g. grayish greenish Yellow), and some rare colors rulers were added, such as Red and brownish Red. Additionally, color borders have been fine tuned for more accuracy.
Users are able to communicate and send their color and price reports with their colleagues around the world via integrated email. They can now share the actual color of their gems without going through the hassle of describing color verbally. Moreover, their colleagues do not have to be subscribed to GemePrice4.0™ to view the color communication, as it is sent by email.

Price Ranges

Display price results using a price range format versus a nominal price per carat per piece and per parcel. This is a useful feature for users who may utilize this to see the range of prices that gems with similar parameters sell for and determine the price of their own gem based on its actual quality.

Flexible Markups

In addition to the wholesale pricing (Single RED Key icon), and Double-key Markup (Double GREEN Keys) modes, users can now determine their own price markups using the 'Your Own Markup' option (Single Yellow Key). The prices will be displayed together with the markups, according to the selected markup mode.

Multi-Lingual / Multi-Currency Interface

GemePrice4.0™ comes with a multi-lingual interface for users worldwide.
Additionally, an integrated currency converter is included to be able to display the prices in the local currencies around the world. The currency rates are updated daily.

Quantum Leap PAS Appraisal Software Integration

GemePrice4.0™ is integrated with Quantum Leap PAS appraisal software.

Price Authentication

Prices quoted by GemePrice4.0™ are generated and authenticated by:

  •      A.  Analysis of over $500 million worth of tens of thousands of fancy colored
             diamonds and gemstones being offered for sale at any particular time on
             the Internet; and

  •      B.  Prices allocated by a panel of industry-renowned experts; and

  •      C.  Real-time commercial data.

Price Updates

Prices are updated once a week for colorless diamonds and every four weeks for fancy colored diamonds and gemstones, after thorough statistical analysis by experts using advanced algorithms to ensure data integrity. Throughout the price determination process there is no interference or artificial influence whatsoever by trade members or by interested parties.

Additional features

GemePrice 4.0™ includes:

  •      A.  A color convertor application tool, allowing the user to convert numerically
             and graphically between the Gemewizard digital color system and other
             color systems, such as the GIA wording definition, Munsell book of colors,
             CIE LAB color space and computerized RGB and CMYK values.

  •      B.  An online archive feature, saving previous calculation reports of the user.

  •      C.  A settings option to enable the user to configure his/her account settings.


GemePrice4.0™ subscriptions are restricted to professional members in the gem industry. GemePrice4.0™ is not available to the general public.

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